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SME Capital Ventures tailors creative financing solutions and Private Loans to Real Estate Investors across the country in need of custom solutions. For over a decade, we have been providing hard money loans and private bridge financing. We pride ourselves on the certainty of execution we provide our clients and meeting quick closing timelines that real estate transactions require. We guarantee the best terms and will beat any other loan quote with a lower interest rate and more money.

Opportunistic Real Estate

We seek to acquire well located commercial assets where we can execute our value-add, opportunistic strategy in properties with inefficient capital structures, poor management, asset-level complications, or event driven distress. Once acquired, assets are aggressively managed and designated to be re-positioned during an appropriate hold period to meet our objectives and to realize the asset’s true underlying value in order to provide considerable returns to our clients.

Distressed Capital Markets

Our investments in the distressed capital markets include the acquisitions of senior position performing and non-performing loans and loan portfolios from bulge bracket banks, regional banks and private lenders. We service these parties with their immediate liquidity needs in troubled situations. Applying our management to the repositioning of the performing notes and distressed debt in various stages of maturity, allows us to monetize our investment via the interest yield during an objective hold period.

Commercial Financing

We seek to originate commercial asset backed loans as senior-secured fixed income debt positions and operate in market conditions where limited liquidity and time constraints exist. Our expertise provides fast turnarounds for financing and creative lending solutions when conventional loans may be difficult to obtain for acquisition financing or the refinancing of commercial real estate. Our underwriting of these investments is value driven with respect to the underlying secured asset.

Preferred Equity

Real estate owners or sponsors will choose Preferred Equity positions in order to raise additional capital necessary for the acquisition, renovation or development of a property when traditional lenders do not provide enough leverage. Preferred Equity is an effective tool that provides real estate investors a higher level of leverage and more money. This type of financing will yield clients up to 85% of an underlying commercial asset’s value in cash in exchange for the repayment of the principal investment and a specified return.

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We seek to originate short term bridge loans ranging from $1mm to $25mm for multifamily and mixed use commercial assets in top MSA markets

SME Capital Ventures tailors creative financing solutions and Private Loans to Real Estate Investors across the country in need of custom solutions


Headquartered in New York City, SME Capital Ventures is a private investment firm that manages capital for high net worth individuals and institutions within a structure that aligns the interests of managers and investors. In a modern and ever-changing global economy, our investment strategy encompasses tailored opportunities that consistently outperform key indices and traditional equity and debt diversification in both bullish and bearish market climates.